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More Voodoo Dolls

The Jazz Fest Wizard has Voodoo dolls handmade in New Orleans by local craftsmen, practitioners, and the world famous Mr. Lucky. The Wizard also has inexpensive high quality Voodoo dolls imported in quantities for conventions and parties. Why be like other parties and conventions who simply or offer grab bags for attending when you could give something as unique as a voodoo doll? Call or e-mail the Wizard for your special needs in Voodoo dolls. We have Voodoo dolls for every, situation , and occasion.

New Orleans
~) Voodoo Dolls (~

Handmade Original-One of a kind--Powerful Voodoo Doll.

Voodoo Dolls by Unknown Craftsmen.

 Voodoo Dolls by Mr. Lucky.

Voodoo dolls & Creations by The Wizard.


PHONE: 336-682-5131

e-mail: TheWizard

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