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More Jazz Fest Feather Boas.


Got feather boas?

Jazz Fest Feather Boas.

Cheap feather boas.

My feather boas will tickle you, I guarantee!!

Solid White Feather Boa. Perfect for warm Jazz Fest weather.

The feather boa featured is white, to reflect the heat for the warm Jazz Fest weather, but is representative of many. You have the option of ordering what you wish. Special orders for different colors may be made. Feather boas in stock are in solid colors, two tone, and multi-colored such as the Mardi Gras feather Boa and 6 color Rainbow feather boa. Feather boas with tinsel or lurex are also available.

Order feather boas for your next bridal shower, bachelorette party,graduation party, or girly get together. Feather boas are ideal for cheerleaders, drill teams, dance classes & recitals, weddings, etc. Group discounts for larger orders and for schools, dance classes, church groups, fund raisers, etc.

Order by the case. 48 boas, 4 dozen, $180.00 total inc. domestic US shipping

I have served many school groups,dance studios, classes, sororities, football team booster clubs, etc. Also feather boas are great for artists and crafts people. Feather boas can be cut and stitched on costumes, dresses, purses, tops, etc. Bright fluffy feather boas can make a dull plain garment, costume, or uniform very pretty and colorful.

Because of my efficient streamlined operation with little paid advertising, small staff, and low mark-ups, my prices are fair and reasonable. We know what a nice fluffy feather boa looks like. My feather boas are 6', at least 50 grams, fluffy turkey feathers. Look and shop around. Then call, or E-Mail, the Wizard to get a price on the quantity and colors that you want. You might be pleasantly surprised and save some $$$. Special orders don't upset us. Re-sellers welcome. Let the Wizard know quantity, colors, and date needed. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

The ever popular rainbow feather boa.

Bright solid colored boas.   Two-tone and multi-colored feather boas. 

See More Soft Fluffy Jazz Fest Feather Boas.

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