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Look for the Wizard.


Keep an eye out for the Wizard.

Shoot for the stars.

( Jazz Fest Wizard )

The ageless, timeless Jazz Fest Wizard has been a regular on the New Orleans scene for many, many, years. You may have seen him on one of the various Bourbon St. web cams, on National Geographic Tornados and Hurricanes, on many of the local T. V. and movie programs shown all over the world, or on B.B.C. worldwide Mardi Gras programming. When Visiting New Orleans,visitors may usually find him strolling on Decatur, Royal, or Bourbon Sts., in and around Jackson Square, or in any of the * Major Hotels * or* Convention * spots. Some times if the visitor is lucky, and the city authorities are not giving the street people a hard time that day, the Wizard may be found pushing his "World Famous Wishing Well", and the lucky visitor may make an instant wish on the spot.
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The Wizard
Biloxi, Ms.
Seek and ye shall find.