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~ Featuring fine feather boas and Voodoo dolls. ~

All wholesale feather boas and hand made Voodoo dolls shipped from New Orleans.

I also have low pricing for feather boas and Voodoo dolls in quantities that will surprise and please you. Just e-mail the Wizard at e-mail link below.

We also have access to wholesale voodoo dolls.

See me for your Jazz Fest Feather Boas.

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The Wizard specializes in feather boas and Voodoo dolls. E-mail the Wizard to get custom personalized service based on your needs and situation. I have feather boas and Voodoo dolls to fit just about any event, convention, party, bachelorette party, or just walkin around fun.

For information about the Wizard   look here.
For more information, or any questions about our goods and services, go to the pages above, e-mail: TheWizard@jazzfestwizard.com,
or call: 336-682-5131.
If you have spare change, that you want to get rid of, give to:

The Wizard,
Biloxi, Ms.

Order your boas and Voodoo dolls today.


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